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It all started with a vision - of a place right at the heart of the community where people of all ages could chat, laugh, relax, enjoy each others’ company...and great coffee. Simple!


Not really, waiting for just the right place took a while. You see, it had to be big enough to make good food in, comfortable enough for lots of visitors, accessible enough so that all could make it through the door, friendly enough...well, to make friends in!


Of course, it also took a while to find the right sofa to relax on, the right table to make plans at, and the right people for behind the counter. Then we had to test the coffee and choose the food - fairly traded because it enables some of the poorest in the world to receive a fair wage, and locally sourced because local suppliers play an important part in our community.


We think we succeeded. We hope you do too!


We are open Mon-Sat 9am-5pm last orders 4.30pm

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